Fiona Sinclair Poetry


A good dose of CBT got Fiona writing again after a break of twenty years.  Her subject matter is mostly her life. She is unafraid to discuss the past, families especially mother –daughter relationships and health issues both mental and physical.  Fiona is also attracted to the over looked even peculiar aspects of modern life. She has be called  the simile queen  and has a knack for an usual turn of phrase often mixing slang, everyday language with a more conventional poetic turn of phrase. She frequently ameliorates her more serious poems with black humour.

Fiona was an English teacher until a balance disorder invalided her out…ironically becoming house bound lead to an out pouring of poetry that became her first published pamphlet Dirty Linen Koo Press Scotland 2010, following this Indigo Dreams Press Published two small collections A Game of Hide and Seek 2012 and Wonderland 2013. She writes everyday even when she doesn’t want to …

Fiona’s first full collection Ladies Who Lunch was published in November 2014 by Lapwing Press Belfast.

Apart from literature Fiona’s other loves are entirely superficial including fashion, handbags and film especially the black and white movies of Hollywood’s golden age. She is particularly fond of Fred Astaire.




                  Published 2019 by Dempsey and Windle Press